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925. Sterling Silver rings


A Sterling Silver ring for men is a ring of the purest of silver. Sterling silver has a pureness of .925. Wich means its 925/1000 silver (92,5 %). If you make it much purer than .925, then it’d be hard to keep it hard enough for it to keep its shape.

Speaking of shape, a Sterling Silver ring is something that’ll quickly get your outfit into shape, and make you stand out in a crowd.

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Sterling Silver rings - for the purist inside of you

As we talked about above, the mens Sterling Silver rings in this crowd is something that’ll make you stand out. It stands for purity and longevity - a Northern Legacy ring in sterling silver will for sure stay with you for a long time, and bring happiness in knowing you’ve got something special going for you.

Above the products we wrote about the silver being very soft and very bendable, so actually when people talk about a solid silver ring for men, they often talk about sterling silver rings.

From the North

Northern Legacy is fighting for mens (and womens, and everyone else’s) right to be themselves and to wear what jewelry they want - when they want. Sterling silver rings for men, and rings in general has been looked down on a bit and looked on as a bit of a feminine accessory. We firmly believe this to be untrue, and that rings of any sort can be worn by any person at any time they want.

For any country, at any time

We deliver all over the world, from Paris to Berlin, from Norway and to the UK. Anywhere you want it, you can get it. Just put it in the basket and we’ll get it going ASAP.


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