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With a philosophy of mens bracelets being available to everyone, we present our selection of Northern Legacy bracelets right below. Made in the best stainless steel with silver or gold coating, we’re sure you’ll find something you approve of in the selection just below. There are minimalistic bracelets, wild bracelets, some with bling and some we call sequence bracelets. They all have 2 things in common, they are made of high quality stainless steel and they’re all priced very reasonably.

Oh - and most of them comes with free delivery (everything above 40€ atleast).

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Northern Legacy mens bracelets

Northern Legacy offers an exclusive selection of mens bracelets - affordable for everyone. We are firm believers in that everyone should be able to buy the coolest arm rings, regardless of your level of income. Our selection include male bracelets in gold and silver coloring.

Our arms rings for men draw inspiration from nordic themes, suchs as the raw nature, vikings and the minimalistic designers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Therefore you’ll find alot of Nordic symbols from both christianity and norse mythologi, but more about that in the below sections.

Keep the fire burning

Our bracelets are not “just” bracelets, they’re arm rings and they serve as an reminder for you to keep moving forward and keep the fire burning. Mens bangles in gold or silver are not yet a well known phenomenon, but at Northern Legacy we believe in it as a super cool accessory that’ll make you stand out in a crowd and put you ahead on style points.

Mens bangle: Colors of choice

Our mens bracelets comes in a couple of different colors - one being silver and one being gold. The silver ones are generally seen as more of subtle look, luxurious look. It’ll make you stand out, but more discreetly than that of a gold one. The gold ones are for people that wants to really stand out and be in the center of attention - its the “yellow Lamborghini” of bracelet-materials whereas the silver one is more of a “black Mercedes Benz”

Our Nordic inspiration

We’ve talked a little about it before - but what does the Nordic inspiration actually mean? It’s simple really - we’ve gone back to our roots and looked inside to find the things that define us as scandinavians and as Danes. One of the main themes when you think of scandinavia are the vikings. The vikings have become iconic for a lot of reasons, but we really like their symbols and their belief in the power of nature. Therefore we’ve designed what you could call a selection of viking arm rings with nordic runes and symbols - check it out above.


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