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At Northern Legacy we hve a wide selection of mens necklaces. All in the spirit of our inner northener. The northern legacy, to us, the adventurous and free spirit of the original northerners, combined with the innovative and minimalistic design of the present “new nordic”. Northern Legacy represents a movement in Danish and Scandi jewelry design. We believe that mens necklaces should be cheap enough for everyone to enjoy them, but still in an exclusive material and design. Our necklaces are made in stainless steel and with a gold or silver coating.

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The Northern Necklaces for men

Northern Legacy has a wide selection of mens necklaces, amongst the more popular selection of necklaces are the mens cross necklaces. We offer both the normal version with the christian cross as you now it, but also the reversed version. The reversed cross is actually the Cross of Saint Peter and is a symbol of humility. The upside down cross has likewise been used many times, as a form of “anti establishment” symbol, featured a lot in heavy metal and hard rock circles.

Mens Pendants

Our selection of pendants is a selection of items that we hold very dear. One of the more notable ones are the compass. A compass was an obvious choice for a mens pendant, since the compass always points north and the home of Northern Legacy is in the Northern part of Denmark, Scandinavia, in a city called Aalborg. Therefore the cross as a symbol is very near to our hearts.

Mens chain necklaces

If a cross is the most popular symbol for a mans necklase, the chain is a close second. The chain for men has always been a very masculine form of jewelry. Often seen as a symbol of wealth and power, the mens chain necklace is the jewelry of choice for Italian gangsters, footballers, and a lot of other people. The male chain necklace comes in two different coatings - a gold tone chain necklace for more “bling” and “flash”, and the more subtle silver tone chain necklace, for the man who wants to stand out, but not shout to the sky about it.

What are you made of?

Our mens necklaces are all has a heart of stainless steel. Meaning that the inner bearings of the necklaces are made of said steel. On top of that our golden versions have a coating of a gold colored material. Our silver colored version has that same coating. Just in a silver tone coat.


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