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Compass necklaces

The compass is one of the symbols that is very close to our Nordic culture. With a glorious past as a seafaring nation, going all the way back to the brave Vikings, the compass is a reminder of a Nordic era of greatness, which presents itself boldly and clearly through a necklace with a compass, which contains both historical and masculine values. Therefore, our necklaces with a compass are an obvious accessory for you who want to associate with the sailors' raw strength and a firm direction in life.

Here you will find a large selection of our timeless compass necklaces in a modern design for style-conscious men.

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The historical significance of the compass

The compass borrows its clear symbolic value from the journey. Originally used as one of the essential tools for navigation, these values can naturally be transferred to our present day, where our lives also involve exploration and travel - both physically and mentally. A sailor is a character that rests on values such as strength and endurance. Therefore, a necklace with a compass helps to highlight the values deeply embedded in our national history and cultural consciousness. The compass helps ensure safety on the journey - and thus a necklace with a compass can also remind you of where you are heading in life. However, a compass is not just a compass. In our collection, we have necklaces with the classic compass rose, which is easily recognizable as a symbol across different cultures - but we also have designs based on Vegvisir; the compass used by the Vikings when they embarked on voyages to explore the world. The rune compass, as it is also called, has a more Nordic expression, drawing on the prominent personality of the Vikings. For example, the Vegvisir sign was carved into wooden ships before they sailed into the unknown, to ensure that the adventurous would always return home safely.

Modern compass necklaces for men

Our compass necklaces come in a variety of designs, all following our clear design philosophy. Our vision is to create jewelry that can be worn by the modern style-conscious man, even though the symbols - such as the compass - are derived from the fundamental elements of our Nordic heritage. Therefore, our compass necklace comes in both a gold-toned and a silver-toned design, making it possible to match your jewelry with your choice of clothing for any occasion. For example, use our modern compass necklace for men to dress up your everyday outfit in combination with a minimalist T-shirt, where the necklace becomes a striking style element. Or add a bit of edge to a suit by wearing the compass necklace visible under a blazer jacket. The choice is ultimately yours - and the possibilities are many. Additionally, you can get our compass necklace at a price that makes it possible to have different designs to choose from among your go-to accessories.

Mark your connection to your Nordic roots with a stylish and timeless compass necklace from Northern Legacy.



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