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Aspects of Nordic life - SS/AW22'

We are proudly introducing our SS/AW22' collection: Aspects of Nordic life

The collection is curated on a "modern Scandinavian" design approch combined with well-known symbolics from the Viking Age. Furthermore, we introduce new surface effects e.g. "Hammered" and "Earthquake", which is your guarentee for unique 1 of 1 jewelry. 

About ”Aspects of Nordic life”

Inspired by our roots and fascination of Scandinavian minimalistic design, we introduce our SS/AW22’ collection, Aspects of Nordic life.
It should be viewed as our attempt to balance modern and ancient times, where we "modernize" well-known Viking symbolics, by turning them into viable statements applicable for the 21st Century man. Wear the new pieces alongside your wardrobe essentials.




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Northern Legacy is constantly striving to develop and craft products from the scratch, which both relates to our identity and background.
In other words, we seek to align the designs we develop with the core of our brand: Namely, our Danish roots.
Just like our ancestors, the Vikings, we stay true to our legacy and fate! 


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