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Handmade accessories for men

Onyx rings

An Onyx Ring for men from Northern Legacy is perfect as a statement ring, with an iconic black stone and a high quality design. The onyx rings from Northern Legacy are made with inspiration from our Nordic roots, drawing inspiration from Scandinavian values and history, such as our freedom to travel and our desire to explore, our wild and fiery nature, the vikings of the North and Scandinavian culture in general.

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Original and stylish Onyx rings for men

Our rings are made with a passion for nordic design and they’re made to be timeless classy and as an essential to all outfits. They’re meant to reflect originality and they can be worn by anyone who are not afraid to stand out.

The rings are inspired from the Nordic and Scandinavian greatness, freedom and self confidence of the past - to bear an Onyx Ring is to tell the world that you know excactly what you want.

What is black onyx anyway?

To dig deeper into the history of our black onyx rings for men, we have to go back in time and look at different cultures. Originally seen as a material for protection from negativity aimed at the bearer it’s also told to bring the bearer good luck in marriage. Onyx actually comes in a variety of different colors fx. red and brown. Onyx has in a number of years been used for making different things. In ancient Egypt they’ve found pots made out of the material, but also rings and other stuff.

Onyx Rings from Northern Legacy

At Northern Legacy we’re crazy about Onyx rings for men, we like what they symbolize, and that’s the reason we in 2019 presented an even bigger variety of Onyx Rings for men, in both Gold and silver - these are made from a core of stainless steel and with a gold or silver coating. We also have a variety of onyx signet rings for men made in Sterling Silver, which is known as one of the finest types of silver there is.

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