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A mens signet ring was originally seen as a way of signing documents and letters of great importance, today its a fashion statement, a way of standing out and standing for something unique and different. At Northern Legacy we like to stand for something and we like to stand out. That, among other things, is why we love to wear signet rings for men and to wear them proud.

We firmly believe that this kind of jewelry should be accessible for everyone and that’s why we’ve decided to put our prices at a level, where we believe that it’s fair to believe that most people can afford it.




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Mens signet rings - materials

The materials we use for our signet rings are very simple. Most of them are made from stainless steel and with a coating of gold tone or silver tone color on top of it. 

But what is a signet ring anyway?

A signet ring is also known as a “signature ring”. Actually a signature ring was once used to sign and seal important documents with. You did this by melting wax - typically red wax and putting your signet ring in that wax. By doing that you’d have signed it with your signature and / or the signature of your family / house.

As we spoke of earlier, the signet rings of today are more of a fashion statement. It can be used as a symbol of fraternity to a place like freemasons or likewise.

If you wear a signet ring from Northern Legacy it symbolizes that you’re not afraid of standing out in a crowd, daring to be yourself and being an individual.

Likewise we've got a selection of stones for our signet rings, one of them being the very popular onyx.

For all of the world to see

We ship our signet rings all over the world, so no matter if you’re living in the UK, in Iceland, Brazil or wherever you are, you’ll be able to wear a Northern Legacy signet ring.

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