Rings with stones for men - Danish design and affordable prices
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Rings with stones

Attract extra attention to your outfit with a gemstone ring from Northern Legacy. The rings are available in gold-tone and silver-tone designs, featuring different stones that provide a personal and unique expression, whether worn alone or paired with other rings.

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Rings with gemstones for men

With their Nordic design and unique expression, rings with gemstones appeal to fashion-conscious men. These rings represent ancient history and the latest fashion trends. Gemstone rings for men are perfect as statement pieces or as complements to other jewelry. They add an extra edge to a simple look, as each design tells its own story with unique colors and shapes.

Unique gemstone rings

The rings from Northern Legacy are each designed with their own unique gemstones, never exactly the same because they are cut from stones and other natural materials. This makes the ring truly "one of a kind," adding exclusivity and personalization. Gemstone rings are for both men and women who want a ring that stands out and reflects their individuality. The unique and simple designs incorporate current fashion trends while focusing on personalization and storytelling of your own unique history.

Gemstone rings in different colors and models

Gemstone rings have long been associated with the past. At Northern Legacy, we have worked hard to change that. We have designed gemstone rings for men that can function as statement rings for all types of men and women, regardless of style or occasion. The stone can reflect one's personality or mood. There are black and dark blue stones for those who prefer a classic design and rings with colored stones for those seeking a more distinctive expression. At Northern Legacy, you will surely find a ring with a stone that reflects your unique personality.

Masculine gemstone rings with their own unique meanings

Among the most popular gemstone rings are those with the characteristic black onyx, which is also featured in Northern Legacy's collection of fashionable gemstone rings for men. Rings with onyx stones are not only masculine with their bold black expression, suitable for both sharp suits and casual, trendy urban looks, but they also carry specific values historically and culturally due to their deep black appearance. The stone primarily originates from a specific region in Asia and was often used for jewelry and ornaments because of its unique shiny yet dark hue. Throughout history, onyx has been used in ring designs combined with both gold and silver, as the pure and minimalist black stone allows for versatility in almost any jewelry design. Hence, it is a popular element in contemporary gemstone rings, as it supports the minimalist ideals of the time and complements almost any imaginable outfit that embraces an accessory with a distinctive edge.

Gemstone rings, style, and history

Mythology, particularly that which relates to our Nordic roots, holds great significance for Northern Legacy. Naturally, there is mythology associated with the black onyx, to which many cultures have attributed special meaning and power. According to mythology, the creation of onyx is linked to a meeting between the gods Venus and Cupid. For centuries, rings and jewelry with onyx have been used based on the stone's protective properties, such as during times of battle or as symbolic protection in a broader sense. Today, a ring with a gemstone can stylishly symbolize protection against the challenges of modern life. Contemporary figures in art and culture have described how an onyx gemstone ring provides strength, endurance, increased self-control, and reduces unnecessary worries, tensions, nervousness, confusion, and nightmares. It is said to emit a fleeting glimpse of the beyond and activate memories of one's ancestors. This is one of the reasons why we love gemstone rings of this type at Northern Legacy. These rings have both history and fulfill a stylistic need that aligns with our current time and lifestyle.

Explore rings with different gemstones and choose the one that matches your style

In addition to onyx rings, our current collection also features other ring designs. This includes rings with abalone shell, which is not technically a stone but an element that derives its distinctive appearance from the shell of an abalone moll

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