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Silver tone necklaces

The various necklaces from Northern Legacy are crafted in a unique Nordic design, offering a wide range of possibilities to create your own personal expression and style. The necklaces work perfectly in combination with other jewelry from Northern Legacy. Tell your own story with a Danish-designed necklace in either silver or gold.

All necklaces from Northern Legacy are made of solid 316L stainless steel, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance. The length of all our necklaces is 60 cm.

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Silver necklaces for men

The modern necklaces from Northern Legacy each represent a piece of jewelry that can be part of both a rugged and an elegant outfit. There are countless possibilities to combine the chains with other men's jewelry from Northern Legacy to create your own unique expression. The necklaces are available in many different designs, allowing you to find the one that reflects your personality the most.

Silver necklaces for men from Northern Legacy are not just ordinary classic necklaces. With the necklaces, we strive to create something unique in a modern design that you can wear for all occasions, whether it's for everyday wear, a party, or anything in between.

Necklaces are a way to express confidence and authenticity, which is why our necklaces are well-suited for masculine men. A silver necklace simply shows that you dare to be yourself. Our silver necklaces can also be worn by women who want to add an edge to their look. Our stylish necklaces differentiate themselves from traditional styles by being slightly longer in length. Thus, the necklaces represent the more modern style that is inspired by current fashion trends.

A silver necklace for men - the perfect gift

Are you looking for a great gift idea for the man who has everything? Consider a silver necklace. A necklace is a personal gift that shows you have thought about the recipient. As you can see here on the site, we have several different necklaces in stock at Northern Legacy. In fact, we usually have over 30 necklaces in various designs in our webshop. Therefore, it's important to make sure you know the recipient's preferences and style. Show that you know the person receiving the gift by choosing one that reflects their personality through the symbolic values our different necklaces possess. And should you, for any reason, miss the mark with your gift, you can take advantage of our one-year return policy on our products. At Northern Legacy, we also offer free shipping on our entire range, including our silver necklaces for men, as you can see here on the site.

The materials our necklaces are made of

We make all our necklaces in 316L stainless steel. However, they are available in various colors and alloys. Therefore, we have divided the assortment into several subcategories. These include silver necklaces and gold necklaces for men. But the combination possibilities do not stop there. Within these categories, you will find different versions of necklaces with stones, as well as necklaces with Nordic motifs such as Thor's hammer, crosses, compass roses, vegvisir symbols, and much more.

The Nordic motifs are prevalent in our collection of necklaces

The Vikings are an important part of Danish DNA and culture. Their values, beliefs, and principles are still cherished in our society. That's why we also have several necklaces inspired by Viking culture. One of our popular necklaces is the one featuring Thor's hammer, available in both gold and silver designs. The Thor's hammer necklace, also known as a Mjölnir necklace, is frequently seen in the Danish street scene. Thor's hammer is one of the most common symbols from Norse mythology and Vikings in general. Our version of the Thor's hammer necklace offers a stylish and minimalist use of the symbol. This deliberate design choice aims to make the Thor's hammer necklace more versatile, suitable for any outfit you want to add a touch of edge to. Many necklaces and jewelry with Nordic motifs come with intricate rune carvings and engravings, but with our necklaces, we have tried to combine the ancient Norse symbols with a more modern stylistic approach that better suits current fashion trends.

Explore a universe of necklaces with Nordic symbols tailored to current trends and choose the necklace that speaks most about you. You can view images and learn more about the meanings behind the different symbols on our necklaces by clicking on each individual necklace. You'll also find a guide on how to maintain your future necklace to enjoy it for a long time to come.

Find the perfect necklace for men among our wide range of various tones.

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