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Gold tone necklaces

Northern Legacy's selection of gold-toned necklaces exudes confidence, masculinity, and edge. While primarily designed for men, our gold-toned chains can also be worn by women seeking a unique look unlike what you typically find elsewhere. With our collection of gold-toned necklaces for men, we have sought to create a unique combination of symbols inspired by our Nordic roots, allowing you to find the necklace that best suits you and your unique story.

All of Northern Legacy's necklaces in the exclusive golden design are handmade and crafted in durable 316L stainless steel, ensuring longevity and corrosion resistance. The length of all our gold-finished necklaces is either 50 or 60 cm.

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Gold-toned finish necklaces for men

Gold finish necklaces have always been among the most popular jewelry choices for men. In recent years, they have become a staple in most wardrobes. At Northern Legacy, we want you to be part of this trend with our gold-toned necklaces. Our goal is to provide a necklace with a golden look that reflects your personality and is affordable. We strive to offer an exclusive, authentic, and stylish look. Wearing a gold-toned chain from Northern Legacy is a symbol that you are your own person and unafraid to show it through your unique style.

Our gold chains for men are built upon classic symbolism, where the golden expression itself signifies exclusivity, assertiveness, and self-belief. This symbolism is combined with stylish Danish design in our collection, specifically targeting the modern man in search of a gold chain.

Security and direction on your journey through life

For both sailors navigating the seas and individuals navigating life, the compass, featured on some of our jewelry pieces, provides security. It always points the traveler in the right direction, even in turbulent waters or unfamiliar terrain.

The word "compass" originates from the Latin word "kom," meaning together or common, and "passus," meaning step or pace. Thus, the compass's linguistic meaning is fundamentally rooted in the concept of moving or embarking on a journey together, either physically or personally. For all these reasons, the compass star, not unlike the North Star, has been a beloved symbol throughout history, representing direction, purpose, and guidance. The compass is also a symbol often seen as a pendant on gold chains, and therefore, it is naturally represented in our collection of gold-finished necklaces for men. By wearing a gold-toned necklace with a compass from Northern Legacy, you will radiate the determination to achieve your goals in life.

Gold chains with Nordic symbols for men

You also have the option to purchase gold-designed necklaces with decorative Nordic symbols, widely represented in the rest of Northern Legacy's collection.

For example, you can find the Vegvisir symbol, also known as the Viking compass or runic compass. This beautiful symbol, consisting of a collection of crossed runic staves, shares the same symbolism as the compass star but with a more Nordic expression. It is not difficult to imagine that Vegvisir means "wayfinder" in modern Danish. In ancient times, Vikings would carve or draw this symbol on their ships before embarking on unknown journeys, believing that it would guide them home safely if they were to get lost.

Thors hammer as a necklace

Another iconic Viking symbol, possibly the most well-known symbol from the Viking era, is Thors hammer, Mjölnir. The story of Mjölnir and Thor is one of the most popular tales from Norse mythology, where Mjölnir served as the trusty tool of the thunder god Thor. According to mythology, Mjölnir was not only a weapon but also a means of blessing and fertility. However, the most obvious significance of the recognizable hammer is strength, power, and protection. It is also an important part of the story that Thor used the hammer to protect the people from chaos and to initiate fallen warriors into the sacred realm.

In fact, Viking warriors wore Thors hammer as a pendant around their necks as an amulet when going into battle, seeking Thor's protection against their enemies. Even after their conversion to Christianity, Vikings continued to wear Thors hammer on a chain around their necks, representing their Nordic heritage and original culture alongside a necklace with the Christian cross.

A gold-toned chain that appeals to most men

A gold necklace from Northern Legacy is designed with current fashion trends in mind while retaining the timeless look known from classic gold chains for men. With a unique and versatile look, a gold-toned chain from Northern Legacy complements your style effortlessly, whether you're aiming for a high-end fashion look or simply want a beautiful necklace in an exclusive gold design.

Gold chains have a long history as a popular accessory for men's adornment. We can trace gold necklaces for men back to long before the birth of Christ. With our necklaces, however, we focus on a slightly different time period. Northern Legacy draws inspiration from the Viking Age when the Nordic realm explored Europe by sea.

Throughout history, gold has always captivated us as humans. Kingdoms and entire nations have fought over each other's riches for centuries, and the victorious would display their triumphs by adorning themselves with gold necklaces, gold rings, jewels, and many other pieces of jewelry. Here in Denmark, like in many other places, our history has been influenced by gold, such as when Danish Vikings ruled and reigned over the entire Northern Europe. Today, remnants of the golden era are discovered and exhibited in archaeological finds, showcasing entire societies in museums across the country. Treasures and riches from those times are often well-preserved and in good condition when unearthed.

Design with edge and strength: Gold chains for men in modern times

We have shared quite a bit about how gold jewelry has shaped history. The design of our necklaces today draws inspiration from the ancient Nordic realm. While gold jewelry and gold chains for men may play a less prominent role than in the past, they are still found in many men's wardrobes, style, and attire. Wearing a gold necklace adds distinct characteristics and uniqueness to our appearance in a world where standing out and being noticed matters.

Explore our wide range of stylish gold-designed necklaces for men

At Northern Legacy, you'll find an exciting selection of exclusive gold-finished necklaces for men. Although we don't sell solid gold chains, our gold-designed chains do not compromise on quality. All our necklaces for men in our exclusive gold finish are made according to our usual standards of high quality at the lowest possible price.

When you purchase exclusive necklaces for men from Northern Legacy, you receive a handcrafted jewelry piece in gold design, with great emphasis on finish and visual expression. Our range of golden chains is created with the same foundation as all our other jewelry — rooted in our Nordic history. Among our collection, you'll find popular gold-designed necklaces for men with golden pendants representing Thor's hammer, the Christian cross, the iconic compass used in seafaring, and many more.

Our selection also includes raw gold-finished chains without pendants. We offer both thin and thick gold-designed chains for men, ensuring you always have a wide variety to choose from when shopping for affordable yet stylish and fashionable necklaces for men.

Find the perfect necklace for men among our wide range in multiple tones.

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