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As Viking decendants, Northern Legacy seek to align proud Scandinavian history with contemporary mens fashion. We are specialized in minimalistic, timeless and durable mens rings.
That means every ring (and all other products we make) is handmade and designed in Denmark, which is a time consuming and highly important process for the final result and finish.
Throughout the crafting process, which usually takes around 40 days, we conduct several quality testings for each product, before it is ready to be sold. That is your quality assurance, which we take very seriously.

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Mens rings - the Northern Legacy way

Our selection of products on this specific page is our whole selection of mens rings, there are elegant mens fashion rings, and there is a wide selection of the more naturalistic and raw products. The common denominator in both of those categories is that we’ve put a lot of attention to detail, notice the engravings on both the outside and the inside of the mens rings.

The last 10%

The Northern Legacy, to us, is not caring about what people think. It’s about daring to stand out and about standing for something. We make rings in different materials. There are silver tone rings for the stylistic, but minimalistic gentleman that cares about attitude, but does not want to appear flashy, likewise there are gold tone rings for the people that want to look good, feel good and wants people to know it.

Gold tone and silver tone mens rings

Our collection is with a wide collection of materials. First of all we have the golden ones. Its not actually 100% gold, its with a golden coat on top of a stainless steel core - the gold coat is of the best quality, so it does not come off easily - in other words: your look will be golden for several years to come. Second of all, we have silver. It’s the same story, really! It’s a core of stainless steel and with a silver coat on top. The reason we’ve done this is so we can make it cheap mens fashion rings - we believe it should be for everyone and not a select few to wear modern jewelry.

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