Refunds & reclamation:

You as our customer, have the right to return the goods within 14 days from purchase (see. Danish law).

The right applies if the following conditions are met:

- That the product is returned in exactly the same condition as when received.

- That the product is not used in any way which obviously reduces the sales value.

If you want to return your product using mail services, you may re-use the same packaging in which the product arrived.

For exchange or refund, please contact before the goods are returned.

In the case of errors or defects in the goods you can complain to the above provided e-mail address or by tel. 51 70 75 13.

We ensure 24 months warranty period (see the criteria below for full warranty) - but remember to save your receipt.

The full warranty presupposes that the goods’ faults / defects are not caused by misuse of the product or other injurious behavior that has led to the damage / defect.

The customer’s responsibility is to claim refund within a reasonable time after you have found the defect / damage.

Complaints considered timely are those announced two months after the item is received.

We reserve the right to remedy a defect / damage with an undamaged item rather than repay the purchase price.

Please be informed that a justified complaint is going to be settled by either repair of your product or replacement with a new one of the same kind

Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Any dispute is settled according the Danish law and according the law of the ordinary courts.