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Autumn/Winter 2019

We are proudly introducing our AW19' collection:
Welcome to a new exciting season. Primo August we will be launching the latest collection in the Northern Legacy saga. The collection features new necklace- and ringdesigns. 
The new necklaces and rings is inspired by prehistoric Scandinavian symbols from the Age of Vikings, like Muninn (one of Odins ravens) and Gungnir (the magical spear of Odin). The new designs is to be considered as a contribution and continuation of our SS19' campaign "VIKING DESCENDANT", whose focus was concentrated around the Age of Vikings. The AW19' collection is therefore derived from our Scandinavian roots, which can be seen through the timeless designs. 
Furthermore, we will introduce a brand new milestone on our journey: caps. Through the past year we've been experimenting and testing to find the right quality and shape of our caps, and we've finally come up with the result: Contemporary and clean caps which comes in three materials: cotton corduroy, cotton denim and acryllic/wool mix. The shape of the cap is inspired by the well-known and recoqnizeable baseball/dad-cap, which complements most outfits. The clipbuckle closure in the neck secures adjustable fit.

We hope you like what you see and thank you for supporting our journey.

Best regards, Andreas & Jonas


Handmade jewelry from the heart of North Jutland, Denmark.
We honor Scandinavian legacy through our timeless designs.


Create your own unique expression
Our AW19' collection offers you the opportunity to create your own unique signature look, whether you prefer the classic or edgy look it is all up to you. 




Mix & match your jewelry
By mixing and matching your NL jewelry, you can spice up a basic tee, sweat shirt or shirt and make it look more striking and unique. Challenge yourself and break out of the comfort zone. Enjoy the autumn/winter!




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