Fall/winter 18

Fall/Winter 18'

Welcome to the new era. The coming season is the beginning of a new visual identity for Northern Legacy with new exciting designs on the way. From now on, many of our product carries our Viking inspired "Vegvisir" logo. Our intention with this is to support our proud Nordic history and carry on the legacy. We hope that you are proud of your roots just like we are. Even though you may not be a descendants of Vikings, we hope that you find our new collection inspiring. 

​​​Time to update your fall wardrobe

Summer is long behind us and it is time to look towards the future. Lower temperatures during winter equals the need to layer clothes. This does not necessary means that you have to stash your jewelry away. This is your chance to spice up your fall/winter look and make it look more exclusive and masculine with our NL jewelry. 



Create your own unique expression

Our collection gives you the opportunity to create your own unique signature look, whether you prefer the classic or edgy look it is all up to you. If you do prefer the simple and minimalistic style, then our handmade jewelry will make you stand out in the crowd without breaking the bank. 



Mix & match your jewelry

You do not need certain logos or prints to stand out in the crowd. 

By mixing and matching your NL jewelry, you can spice up a basic tee, sweat shirt or shirt and make it look more striking and unique. Challenge yourself and break out of the comfort zone. 

Down below you will find three of our regulars and friends’ outfit ideas that will give you a inspiring head start on your look for this season.



3 inspirational outfits for autumn: 


- Black Onyx Signature ring - €67.
- Classic Oval Signature ring - €67.
- Siempre band ring - €54. 

- NL Disrupt bangle - Silver - €54.
- NL Runic bangle - Silver - €54.


- Black Onyx Polygon Signature - €67.
- Tigereye Polygon Signature - €67.
- Classic Oval Signature - €67.

- NL Double Chain - Silver - €54.



- Verde Signature - €67.
- NL Verde Antique pendant - Silver - €54.