Why You Can Wear a Signet Ring
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Why You Can Wear a Signet Ring

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Why You Can Wear a Signet Ring

Signet rings were once reserved for the blue-blooded, mafia bosses, and the rich - and there's a good chance that you've seen one on the ring or little fingers of older family members, adorned with the family coat of arms or initials.

Today, the signet ring, whose original function was to stamp wax seals on mail, has seemingly gained traction among the more general part of the male population, and everyone from Brad Pitt to Johnny Depp has been spotted wearing one. With a validation from the GQ magazine, there can no longer be any doubt that the ring has once again resumed its place in the fashion world - and Euroman's fashion editor, Frederik Lentz Andersen, also experiences that the ring is undergoing increasing popularity.

A Resurgence in Fashion

"I took a break from them in Euroman, because I didn't think the time was right for them. About a year and a half ago, we slowly started to include them when it fit into the story. I think they started to become legitimate again when there was a 70's revival, and everything got a bit rock and roll," he says.

Men's jewelry is possibly one of the most discussed accessories in recent times, and it has been postulated more than once that the only accessory a man should wear is a wristwatch. Despite the fashion world's recognition of the signet ring, many men may therefore also find it difficult to integrate it into their style, explains Frederik Lentz Andersen.

Overcoming Vanity

"It's quite a challenge to put on a ring, unless you're married. Men fundamentally find it very difficult to appear vain, as it's not a particularly masculine virtue - and jewelry is indeed something that emphasizes vanity," he says.

"You can go home to your father's treasures and see if there is one there. Then you feel that it automatically becomes a bit more legitimate to wear it, because it has some sentimental value and a family-related story. But the idea of a man walking into a store to buy a ring, going home proudly with it in a small, fine bag and then opening the ribbon and putting the ring on his finger, most men find that a bit tight."

Greater Acceptance of Men's Jewelry

However, men's jewelry has generally become more widely accepted in recent years, Frederik Lentz Andersen explains:

"There has been an opening up for men and jewelry. I see it especially among the younger generations, who are quite good at being completely indifferent and do whatever suits them in terms of style. It's really liberating, and I think you should just throw yourself into it."

Simple Guidelines for Wearing a Signet Ring

There are some simple guidelines you can follow if you want to adorn your finger with a signet ring. If you are very Scandinavian in appearance, it might be a good idea to stick to silver, as gold can contrast sharply with pale skin - and vice versa, gold is more flattering the darker skin you have, Frederik Lentz Andersen explains.

If you dream of getting a dash of mafia on your ring finger, but are a bit nervous about the reaction of others, you must resort to the old saying 'practice makes perfect':

"If you think you don't want to get comments in the changing room or at the workplace, you can slowly get used to the ring by just walking around with it at home. When you then one day step out into reality with it on, you don't think so much about it."


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